Ajagurajah And Agradaa Can Not Save Your Life – Shatana Reveals

The conferred queen of conscious music, Shatana has made some pretty condemnatory allegations against some clergy due to their modus operandi.

In an interview on TV Africa’s Video Ryde with host, Sika. Shatana opined that most of these men of God are just conduits who God transports goodwill through, so it will be beneficial if individually we had a direct rapport with our creator.

Speaking to Sika on TV Africa, Shatana explains that they, the celebrities, are mostly the cash crops for some of these men of God. They will pay huge sums of money for amulets, handkerchiefs, etc which they presume are for protection. The worst-case scenario she described is when they offer animals as a sacrifice for the protection of these celebrities. Shatana expresses that some souls hate blood so in the event, when there is a blood offering, it kills the person within a short time.

On her last note advised that these men of God, Ajagurajah, Obinim, Agradaa, et all cannot save anybody from dying when it is their time so they should stop wasting their hard-earned money on them and have a personal relationship with their makers.

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