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Mohammed Abdul Abass (born 24, October 2001) known professionally as Young Jayz is a Ghanaian Afro Beat/Highlife Dancehall Hip-hop Singer/producer and award-winning journalist from Bogoso in the Western region.


In Ghana’s Central region, Breman Brakwa-kokoso Islamic Basic School in Central provided him with his primary education, and he went on to Breman Asikuma senior high school.

Young Jayz began his musical career when he was only 16 years old.
And recorded his first single
After a friend introduced him to FL Studio and Cubase, he learned and began producing his own beats in the studio and became a sound engineer at an early age


He became one of Ghana’s finest bloggers after establishing and managing his blogs as a result of his passion for media work and music.
He is now one of the country’s best news writers and has won numerous Awards


He began writing songs while still in elementary school. It all started when the rapper/singer started failing a lot of his assignments and decided to enter a minor rap competition among his peers, according to him. Young Jayz is known for his dynamism, fluidity, enthusiasm, and well-crafted lines. His songs are primarily about youth problems and a great desire to overcome poverty.

In 2022, he published his first debut EP titled My Dream EP and received a lot of attention.

His formative years were spent in the zongo Because his neighborhood was a slum, young Jayz was exposed to the harsh realities of life. This influenced the style of music he produced later in life.

He grew up listening to Nigerian and American Hip-hop via cassette radio. This contributed to the development of a passion for music. Young Jayz’s musical adventure began in his early teenage years, when he began to create freestyle rap songs to the delight of his neighbors.

Young Jayz’s love for music intensified as he grew older, and he dreamed of being a professional artist. He had decided to compose Afrobeats music early on, but he chose to combine it with Trap and Grime sounds, which he excelled at. This musical style set him apart from other aspiring musicians.

Young Jayz was honing his sound during his early days in high school. He spent more time writing songs and visiting a neighboring studio to record music than he did in school


Young Jayz is only 21 years old, despite his mature appearance. On the 24th of October 2022, he is the first Son of his parents he was named a lion and a megastar

The dark-skinned rapper sports a long beard that gives him the appearance of being in his twenties.

He is a slim build, stands tall, and has an Afro hairstyle. Although he is yet to have a tattoo, he hopes to have his mother’s image tattooed on his body to show his love for her mother, Hajia Hawa Moroh, because it was her mother who impacted him and ensured a better life for him. Pays for his studio fees and other necessities. After his father disowned him due to his dissatisfaction with his musical career.

Being a musician as a Muslim young child has never been easy for him because his entire family refuses to support him because of his religious views.

Young Jayz spends his entire life in Zongo and Qhetto, as well as sleeping at the studio and hanging out with his friends.
He also lives with music gurus such as soundenginnier and artist managers, and is a slave to them to realize his ambition.

Young jayz is recognised for being a humble, nice, sincere, hardworking, and polite young man.
Young Jayz Empire was formed by him to brand himself and make a mark in the music industry.

He is the founder and CEO of the websites and
He is the co-founder and promoter of the music record company Worldwide Music.


On social media, Young Jayz is well-known. He is well-known, as social media has played an important role in his development as an artist.

@YoungjayzEmpire on Instagram
@YoungjayzEmpire on Twitter.
@YoungjayzEmpire on Facebook
@YoungJayzempire on Instagram

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