Blakk Rasta Releases Brand New Masterpiece Dubbed ‘Mallam Tonga’

The Legendary Reggae artiste Blakk Rasta has released another masterpiece dubbed ‘Mallam Tonga’.

Mallam Tonga is a South African QCOM style binded with the Ghanaian high Life and reggae style and it’s a fast beat banger that will keep dancers actively and hot on their toes.

According to the reggae artiste, Mallam Tonga speaks about the age-old debate about sex before marriage or vice versa and Mallam Tonga depicts a man who is a sex addict .

The exciting feature of this new master piece is that Blakk Rasta performed the song in a pidgin language.

“In Ghana, it is a hood slang for sex or pussy. Mallam Tonga is a man who overly likes tonga. the video talks about marriage before sex when the brides have Mallam Tonga for the first time”, he said.

He said if his #Langalanga is monstrous, then there is trouble in the bedroom.

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