Coronavirus: Residents At Chorkor Defy Lockdown Directives To “Chill” At The Beach (Video)

Residents crowd the Chorkor Beach to celebrate Easter Sunday defying the lockdown and ban on social gatherings directives.

Residents of the Chorkor a community in Accra have defied the lockdown directive by the President to ‘chill’ on the beach to make the Easter Sunday celebration.

Hundreds of people who live in this coastal areas came out in their numbers in the afternoon to swim in the sea, not disturbed about the increasing number of affected persons of coronavirus.

While the elderly men were seen tending and mending their fishing nets, a huge number of youths and children were busy making merry and celebrating to mark this Easter celebration.

A video report by GhanaWeb saw most of patrons engaging in various activities which include swimming, playing of football, acrobatics display etc while others just laid on the white sand and others stood in distances to observe the ongoing activities at the beach.

However, fishmongers were seen going about the normal business, whiles others bought cartons of fishes to be smoked from fishermen who had arrived at shore.

Business was going well and smooth for the food vendors who served food for the people that come to the beach to celebrate the Easter festivities.

However due to the lack of police in sight , the road to the beach was empty yet the beach was packed .

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