Coronavirus: See 8 Preventive Measures Revealed By The Holy Spirit To Prophet Godfield Diallo

The International Missionary New Beginnings Temple’s prophet Godfield Diallo has given out eight preventive measures that have been revealed to him by the holy spirit to curtail the deadly Coronavirus.

In a recent post sited by on Facebook, the prophet explained in detail the revelation about the eight preventive measures given by the Holy Spirit.

“The current ongoing global health crisis which was revealed to us by the Holy Spirit way back which I published on social media to prepare those willing to hear what the Spirit of God is saying about the invasion of oncoming man made virus , is a huge tragedy like 9/11 devastation”, he revealed.

Below are the detailed eight preventive measures prophet Godfield Diallo got from the Holy Spirit.

i. Remember that the PRAYER offered in faith has always been a game changer and so don’t underestimate its effectiveness and impact.

ii. Deploy the Victorious Blood of Yeshua to subdue the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of darkness & Spiritual wickedness in high places that are giving the coronavirus the wings to fly.

iii. Pray for Divine Protection for the selfless scientists and medical research institutes and researchers and hardworking people in the medical field for Divine Interventions and sovereign supernatural guidance as they confront this devastating problem and solve it. Yes for says the Lord, these category of people deserve honor and their efforts shall never go unrewarded. (We Pray for long life & preservation from infections for them all and for their SALVATION for a relationship with the Chief Physician – Christ)

iv. And the Holy Spirit said, Pray for National Leadership Globally for the wisdom of God and patriotism and humility to enable them submit to bipartisan approach and response, in this season of crisis as they navigate at all levels for the virus to be contained.
For yes says the Spirit, Help From Above is released on leaders who put country and her people first before political party and political persuasions.

v. Pray for a Global Awakening that will stir individuals, families and communities to take a second look at health issues and environmental issues which many are so ignorant about, to neutralize the devastating blow of several manmade viruses attacks that will continue to happen year in and year out and shall spread over several communities and countries and continents in the foreseeable future as part of the signs of the end times.

vi. And the MASTER said:And the current devastating global happening is also an indication that man has the feet of clay and human might and strength alone is woefully inadequate to overcome complex challenges and the fact that the unexpected can happen to just anybody despite variations in human skin color and geographical locations.

vii. The CORONAVIRUS is also caution to the world about the futility of life without Elshaddai, as mankind globally are reminded that death respects none and so man is on a pilgrimage on a journey that may end abruptly. O how empty life is, despite riches and affluence and fame without a relationship with the Giver of life.

“May things turn in our favor O God our help in ages past. our hope for years to come. Our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home. Please spread the Healing Hands of the Healing Christ Jesus over the nations and over extremely hurting families and the very sick as we cry out unto Adonai for Divine Interventions. May things turn in our favor,” he prayed.

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