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Doing Afro Beats Is Not Difficult – Kelvyn Boy

by Da Biggest Promoter

Ghanaian afro beats singer Kelvin Brown professionally known as Kelvyn Boy has disclosed that doing afro beats in Ghana is not difficult.

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Radio Central and monitored by wysepromotions.com, the “Mea” singer revealed that Ghanaian industry haven’t accepted afro beats fully but he is surviving.

“It’s not difficult. It’s not difficult for you the artiste or person. Because it’s the afro beats we have been listening since the days of Osibisa. Afro beat came from high life and we are listening already so it’s not hard. From Ghana to Nigeria and the rest of the world, even when people came for the year of return they were talking about afro beats”, he disclosed.

“It’s the Ghanaian industry that’s lagging behind but individually it’s not hard. If it’s hard like Kelvyn Boy won’t survive in this industry. I’m doing afro beats and I’m surviving. I don’t do dancehall, hip hop or jama. I do afro beats and high life is what I’m doing and surviving with. So it’s not hard for the individual but in a whole we have to accept it so Ghana can move forward”, he added.

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