Fetish Priests On Television Must Go Back To The Bush – Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel singer Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong also known Great Ampong has advised authorities to sack all fetish priests from television to go back to the bush because that’s where they belong.

He made this plea in a recent interview monitored by wysepromotions.com on NO.1 FM with Nana Kwame Gyan.

According to Ampong, fetish priests stay in the bush and not in an air condition so why are they allowed to be on TV. He also lamented on how they are pushing the youth into money rituals.

“They have to sack all the fetish priests on television. They have to go back to the bush because that’s where they belong. They are pushing the youth to be killing people for money rituals”, he said.

He also demanded that the fetish priests must provide a herbal medicine for the Coronavirus if they claim to be powerful.

“If they are not able to bring a medicine for Coronavirus, they must be sacked from television to the bush. A fetish priest can’t stay in an air condition. Let’s take them back to the bush. Any fetish priest that’s on TV is not powerful. A fetish priest conjuring money on TV is not powerful, he is azar. Jesus who is the most powerful never bragged about being powerful. Anyone who claims to be powerful is not”, he added.

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