Ghanaian Artistes Don’t Appreciate Bloggers – Gh Abass Laments

Abdul Abass Mohammed who is better known in the industry as Gh Abass, a Ghanaian award-winning celebrity blogger who gems in Ghana’s creative art industry, has indicated that people are yet to understand and appreciate the hard work of bloggers in our part of the world.

In an interaction with Newsghana.com, he revealed that he has indeed been privileged to have broken through a blogger

Speaking in an interview with Newsghana.com the Young trending blogger indicated that some practices of Ghanaian musicians downplay the Ghanian Entertainment industry. He counsels and encourages artistes to use social media to their advantage in developing their careers. And not burning bloggers not helping them

He stated that Nigerian artistes understand the game related to the music industry. And the support they render to their bloggers is permanently accessible and mostly not in monetary terms.

“Nigerian artistes understand the game when it comes to music. Nigerian Artist don’t just care about the money they will give to bloggers to write his/her content. Bloggers in Ghana are doing great work to help the industry without the bloggers ghana music will have ended. i don’t want to compare Nigerian artist to ghana because They support each other,” he emphasized.

Sometimes we feel pain when we post something about the industry and when people throw bad comments on our posts..people always insult us.
Some of the Ghanaian artiste are too much hungry. Promoting their craft and they are also planning to Arrest you on a content
However, Gh Abass clarified that he is not creating the perception that Ghanaian acts do not support the media work, but the support should be colossal.

Speaking on the benefits of the bloggers to Ghanaian artistes, he explained that the bloggers’ performances on their pages aids in developing their fan base, which promotes through music streams across national boundaries.

He also added that artistes
Unfortunately, he revealed that some artistes do not make good use of the networks they build up and end up losing these connections at some point.
The CEO of BBCWEB NEWS stated that it takes effort, hard work and money to reap the benefits embedded in the music industry.

“If you work hard and push money, that’s it.”

Ghanaian artist must learn how to respect bloggers in our industry.

He advised budding artists to work hard, produce good music and stay true to their craft to make them thrive in the industry.

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