Ghanaian DJs Support Good High Life Music – NaaNa Blu Reveals

The talented vocal goddess, NaaNa Blu, has revealed that Ghanaian Djs and radio personalities support and play highlife music contrary to the belief in the public domain that Ghanaian Djs don’t play highlife music and that the genre is for the old people.

“To be honest I didn’t believe I would have such support from DJs, radio presenters and the general ghanaian music lovers for my This Is Highlife EP,” NaaNa Blu stated with smiles.

“When my label head tabled the ‘This Is Highlife’ EP – a couple of people who heard the news said Ghanaians do not like Highlife Music and that highlife is for the old generation”, the Quophimens Musiq signee NaaNa Blu explained.

She continued that, “DJs and radio presenters in Ghanaian support good highlife music else my This Is Highlife EP would not receive such impressive airplay.”

“Thank you to every radio personality and dj who is supporting my music. God bless you and happy new year to everyone.” NaaNa Blu added. Best Training Courses and Providers in Kenya https://learnician.com/ke/en .

Click to listen to This Is Highlife EP:

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