Ghanaian Singer Ishak Spark Speaks Out About Manager’s Disappearance

Ghanaian singer Ishak Spark is searching for his manager, Saddique Friend (real name Sadick Abubakar Ayivor), who has gone into hiding after receiving threats from a group of individuals. The artiste manager disappeared from the country after allegations surfaced of him being caught in a compromising position with another man.

In a recent interview on CTV, Ishak Spark expressed his concern, stating, “I’m unaware of my manager’s current whereabouts, and I’m left wondering if the rumors about his sexuality are true.” He added, “Saddique Friend always kept his personal life private, but I know he has a female partner and also associates with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, leading me to believe he may identify as bisexual.”

The whereabouts of Saddique Friend remain unknown, and Ishak Spark hopes for his safety. We will provide updates if more information becomes available.

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