Ghanaian Writer Publishes A Book About SHS Girl Who Broke His Heart

A Ghanaian man named Ebenezer Quist will publish a book on the SHS student who broke his heart for free on Telegram.
AGB-WOE-3, a new book by Ghanaian novelist and copywriter Ebenezer Agbey Quist, tells the tale of his senior high school love encounter.

The number “3” refers to the three years during which Ebenezer had what he describes as a profound love experience. The title is a combination of his name Agbey and that of the girl in question, Ewoenam.

A Ghanaian man will launch a book on the SHS student who destroyed his heart for free on Telegram.

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The real-life account of Ebenezer’s intense love for a girl who met all the criteria for “true love” is told in AGBWOE-3.
In AGBWOE-3, Ebenezer falls madly in love with a girl who meets all the criteria for “true love,” but their relationship nonetheless ends in divorce.

“I learned a lot about love and how it ought to be from this girl. It also taught me how to behave when confronted with a traumatic breakup that you were not prepared for, “Says Ebenezer.

5 KEY LESSONS FROM AGB-WOE-3 AGB-WOE-3 draws important lessons about love, marriage, and relationships from Ebenezer’s real-life experiences.
After each engaging story of what happened during Ebenezer’s romantic encounter with Ewoenam, 15 various vital lessons were completely discussed.
Only 5 of these lessons are listed below:
• “True love” can falter and is not impervious to problems.

Before agreeing to something with someone, look for their worst (not their finest) aspect. The best way to tell if you get along with someone is by their worst quality.

• Falling in love and recovering from a breakup go through comparable stages.
No matter how painful a break-up may be for you, there are ways you can benefit from your misery. • A good suitor is not one who is perfect (nobody is), but one who is perfect for you.

On September 21, 2022, Launch for FREE on Telegram. The Telegram channel can be accessed at OTHER BOOKS BY THE SAME AUTHOR
Cheers and Tears of After-School Life by Ebenezer Agbey Quist is a manual on how to navigate the world after school (
manage your life after leaving school and entering the workforce.

Additionally, he wrote Reformed or Deformed (, which, since its publication in Ghana in 2016, has been marketed at close to ten public colleges.

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