I Can’t Destroy My Career By Composing A Song For Any Political Party – Wiyaala

Ghanaian international act Wiyaala has revealed that she won’t destroy her music career by composing any song for any political party.

The Lioness of Africa disclosed this in an interview with Jay Forley on Joy Prime when she was asked what prevents her from supporting any political party with a song.

According to Wiyaala, composing a song for any political party will be destroying her music career because she really understands the Ghanaian music industry even though she is not patronized like in the Western world.

She added that the only thing that can happen between her and any political party if they want to hang out with her and that is behind the scenes because music is her life and afford to destroy it by affiliating with any political party.

She further stated that she has been approached by many political party officials who want her to use her brand and followers to help their campaign and her answer will always remain no because she is not ready to end her career sadly after a lot of hard work and dedication.

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