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I Won’t Blame Directors For Chopping Actresses Before They Get Roles – Jessica Williams

I Don’t Blame Directors And Producers For Sleeping With The Ladies, Cause It’s A Choice – Jessica Williams Reveals

Ghanaian adorable screen goddess Jessica Williams has revealed how she doesn’t fault producers and directors for sleeping with ladies.

In a recent interview on Rainbow Radio’s Mid Morning show hosted by Sokoohemaa she explained that, it’s the choice of the actress to allow the director or producer to sleep with her.

“In every place taking advantage occurs but due to the fact that we are on the glare of the public people think its just us. I don’t ever blame the producers and directors for taking advantage of the ladies because it’s a choice to say yes and no. If that producer or director doesn’t assist you they are not the only industry players cause there are a whole lot of directors and producers ready to work with talents”, she divulged.

“Let’s learn to work on our talent and craft and also change the mentality of getting a role when you sleep with a producer or director. It may work for someone but it may not work for you. Let your work talent and craft sell you not your body”, she added.

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