Let’s Talk About Changing Lives FC – Who Are They?

Changing Lives FC is a football club in the Eastern Region of Ghana located in Abenta. Just as the name depicts the club hopes to change the fortunes of its players as all of them come from very humble backgrounds.

The team seeks to give hope and a sense of purpose and direction to these boys. Most of the boys in the team are school dropouts and motor riders. The team’s drive is to give these boys the platform to showcase their talents and get them to be part of something bigger, teach the team work and get them off the streets.

Currently registered, the team will take part in this season’s Division 3 league. The best is coming to the East and their story has just started. We would wish them well and pray they fulfil their dream of playing in the top-flight league in Ghana- the Premier league.

The club has partners in the UK where boys get to ply their trade if they show potential.

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