Maa Fausty Wins Gospel Song Of The Year At Central Music Awards 2022

Music is food for the soul and also a means to communicate with the spirits. How beautiful is it to find a Prophet entering the studio to put the words of God on record to enable people to get redemption and also see the greatness of God Almighty?

Prophetess Faustina Ahinakwa affectionately known as Maa Fausty didn’t hesitate to do such a thing. Her amazing single “ Nkwagye Onyankopon” which features Evangelist Isaac K. Anning the Bobolebobo hitmaker got nominated among the top Christian songs in the Central Region and to the glory of Jehovah she emerged as the winner.

Maa Fausty showed gratitude to everyone who contributed to her musical journey especially the media, churches and the organizers of the Central Music Awards

Maa Fausty said this award has given her hope to write more exciting and encouraging songs to help grow the kingdom of God.

She also urged her fans to anticipate her new single which features one of three Ghanaians’ favourite Gospel singers.

Story By Afrikaba Ronnie

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