MC Clenzy To Host “Time With The Mic” With Dj Storm On One King Multimedia

Henry Aggrey, known in the entertainment world as MC Clenzy, is set to bring his dynamic presence to the new show ‘Time With The Mic’. Joining him is Moses Bennet Jnr, widely recognized as DJ Storm. Together, they will lead this innovative musical competition, airing every Saturday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on One King Multimedia’s social media platforms.

‘Time With The Mic’ promises to be a thrilling showcase of musical talent, featuring contestants who excel in various aspects of music. From singing and songwriting to playing instruments and musical improvisation, participants will have the chance to demonstrate their skills across a series of competitive levels.

The show is structured to challenge contestants with a variety of tasks, including themed performances, musical collaborations, live improvisation rounds, and original song compositions. Each challenge is designed to test their musicality, creativity, stage presence, and ability to engage with the audience.

Following each round, contestants will be evaluated, and the weakest performers will be eliminated until only one remains. The season will culminate in a grand finale, where the remaining contestants will compete head-to-head in final challenges to determine the ultimate winner.

The champion of ‘Time With The Mic’ will not only earn the prestigious title but also receive a grand prize package. This includes a recording contract, opportunities for music collaborations, performance gigs, and mentorship from industry professionals, providing a significant boost to their musical career.

MC Clenzy and DJ Storm bring their extensive experience and vibrant energy to the show, ensuring that ‘Time With The Mic’ will be an engaging and entertaining experience for both contestants and viewers alike. Tune in every Saturday evening to witness the rise of the next musical sensation on One King Multimedia.

One King Multimedia has quickly become a dominant force in the media industry. Known for their top-notch productions, they have emerged as the leading online channel for entertainment and trending issues.

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