McBrown, Lil Win TikTok Debacle: Kelly Mensah Asks Government To Invest In GH TikTok Stars

Digital Media Strategist, Kelly Lartey Mensah has called on government to support in the growing of more dominant creators on TikTok and other social media platforms to support economy.

Dr Kelly Lartey Mensah who is also a Cultural Curator urged for more local influencers to command the various social media pages as it will give sovereignty to Ghana’s online space. He expressed this in an article on Facebook.

According to him, great investment can be done in the social media space to help create more local influencers and content creators that can help promote Ghanaian cultural values and heritage for Ghanaian consumption.

He also advised on the need to take social media as a way to improve Ghanaian customs in order to avoid culture assimilation, where foreign culture is forced on the Ghanain people through the help of these media.

Kelly Nii Lartey wrote on his timeline

We need local creators to dominate our TikTok spaces! They are very very important for our online sovereignty!

In the world we are in now, if you don’t have local thought leaders taking charge of your web space, you will be silently colonised!

Your culture will be replaced by foreigners, then followed by foreign tastes and preferences, and then your economy will be taken over by foreigners!

Social media wields so much power, the government must even get involved and invest in Ghana producing more online influencers to push the Ghana agenda on all platforms!

That’s the new way of business!!”

Kelly Lartey Mensah is a digital media consultant, and media manager at Event factory who has in over the years contributed positively to the growth of the Ghanaian entertainment industry and a critique who is poised to see hard working Ghanaian artistes dominating the social media trends.

He is also noted for giving great opportunities to budding artistes who needed the platform to shine.

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