Mfantseman Students Union Demands Tertiary Institution From MCE

The Mfantseman Students Union in a Press statement is demanding a tertiary institution from their Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon Kenneth Kelly Essuman in the municipality.

The statement signed and copied to that the Mfantseman Students Union stated clearly that building a tertiary institution in the municipality was long overdue and matter of urgency.

They also warned that they are not ready to negotiate otherwise citing that Winneba can boast of several tertiary institutions including the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

The letter as exclusively received by reads;


14TH OCTOBER, 2019


Dear Sir,


The leadership of the Mfantseman Students Union and Associates (MSU), a body comprising all students across second cycle and tertiary institutions in the country, who hail from the Municipality send you greetings.

Sir, we trust you have the development of Mfantseman and the future of its natives especially we the youth at heart, however, we have watched on for years, the failure of the political leaders to fulfill our long cherished dream of seeing a government tertiary institution spring on our land. Long have we waited for this realization which never gets attended to. We echo the cries of students from the municipality of the need for at least a Nursing Training College in Mfantseman, which was trumpeted decades ago when some of us were toddlers.

Hon MCE, Mfantseman deserves better as most municipalities within Central Region can boast of at least one tertiary institution. Mention can be made of Komenda with Komenda College of Education, Twifo Praso with a Nursing Training College, Ajumako with a University Campus, Assin Fosu with Fosu College of Education and now, a Nursing Training College, Nursing and Midwifery at Dunkwa on Offin, do not talk of Winneba and Cape Coast which are flooded with numerous institutions. Apart from the Nursing Training College, University of Education, Winneba has North, Central and South Campuses all in Winneba. Cape Coast boasts of Ankaful Nursing Training, Cape Coast Nursing Training, Ola College of Education, University of Cape Coast and now, Cape Coast Technical University, the then C-Poly.

What has become of Saltpond? The land that gave birth to Ghana politics. Where is our place on the list of tertiary institutions in the region? Why have our leaders not fought for any of these institutions?. Is it due to the lack of concern on where its indigenes get educated or unalloyed negligence? When will Saltpond, Mfantseman, have its share of the tertiary institutions?
Hon MCE, a tertiary institution undoubtedly is an economy on its own. Let us face the facts, the opportunities a tertiary campus presents; job openings, both formal and casual, a boost for local market, rent providing income avenue for landlords which will transform into growth.

Winneba is a classic example as the township keeps expanding. The expansion brings in additional revenue to the assembly to advance its developmental agenda.

The long wait is over, give Mfantseman a Nursing Training College. Our political leaders must act now. The municipalities and districts aforementioned are not better placed than Mfantseman.

We only pride ourselves with history which fetches us nothing. It takes political will to fight and this the districts in the Assin area have demonstrated by adding a Nursing Training College to the already exiting Foso College of Education and Ghana Immigration Training School and Academy. Mfantseman deserves better, give us a Nursing Training College.

Richard Ephson Nkrumah
President (0209140772)

Samed Wenchie
Director of Publicity (0278421417)

Emmanuel Hanson
Head of Organising Committee(0541834190)