My gods Can’t Heal Coronavirus – Nigerian Fetish Priest Cries After Testing Positive

Powerful Nigerian Fetish Priest Test Positive For Coronavirus; Sheds Uncontrollable Tears

One of Nigerians most powerful Fetish Priest has tested positive for the deadly Covid 19 and shed uncontrollable tears.

The fetish priest was located through contact tracing and was self quarantined in his shrine for 14 days. After 14 days the fetish priest begun to show signs of the deadly pandemic and when later tested, the result come out positive.

The fetish Priest burst out into uncontrollable tears when he was told he had tested positive for the deadly virus. The name and identity of the fetish Priest has been kept secret due to security reasons.

“I went to the supermarket to buy hand sanitizers to be used at my shrine but a white man I don’t know his land of origin come close to me and he was sneezing and coughing unbearable, maybe that’s how I got the virus”, the fetish priest narrated.

After recounting how he may have come into contact with the virus, he cursed the man with the name of the gods he worships. It took the intervention of the health workers around to comfort him and calm him down and educate him about the virus and how the is a high chance of recovery.

The health officials asked him if he will prefer going to the hospital for treatment or staying in the shrine for ‘Amadioha’ to heal him, the fetish priest answered;

“Does ‘Amadioha’ heal coronavirus?”.

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