Queen eShun Lied To GHAMRO – Rex Omar Laments

The Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has revealed that some of Queen eShun’s statements did not tally with the things she said when she visited GHAMRO over her social media accounts reportage.

In a televised interview with Zion Felix, Queen eShun mentioned that she had approached the office of GHAMRO concerning the alleged situation. However, gleanings from the interview revealed that she was categorical about some key things that transpired, which according to sources were not the entire truth.

Two facts about the interview of Queen eShun that shows she has lied to GHAMRO.

Firstly, she mentioned to Zion Felix that Stephen Mensah had demanded a sum of GH120,000.00 as compensation for the investments made in the account.

“I tried to involve GHAMRO so they could help mediate and get my account back for me, but it was to no avail. He was adamant and unwilling to yield, so finally, I got frustrated and asked him to delete my pictures. As a result, he said if he would release the account, I must pay 120,000.00” stated Queen eShun as she spoke in Akan.

Interestingly, Rex Omar told host Barrister Daniels when he spoke on the Entertainment Zone show on ATL FM that Stephen Mensah had rather demanded GH 50,000.00 rather than the 120,000.00 she mentioned in the interview.

“eShun has indeed made a complaint about her social media account challenge she is encountering with her former manager and boyfriend, but the details are quite different. However, during the arbitration, we realized that both were high up in emotions. Even though the account was created in the name of eShun, Stephen Mensah had invested a lot in it, hence he demanded GH 50,000.00 as compensation. eShun thus recommended that all her pictures be deleted, and GHAMRO ensured that it was done. So so far as we are concerned as GHAMRO, that is how it ended” he said in Twi.

Secondly, in eShun’s interview with Zion Felix, she intimated that Stephen Mensah is not her manager as purported or known in public, but he was romantically involved with her and had no music business with her.

“To outsiders, he was manager, but the truth is he was my fiancee then. You can’t just put your relationship issue out there like that. I didn’t meet Stephen as a manager, but rather a partner I could marry in future” Queen eShun retorted.

However, Rex Omar gave a different account of what transpired over there. According to RexOmar, eShun had reported Stephen as her former manager and fiancee.

“When she arrived she introduced the case and Stephen Mensah as her former manager and her boyfriend as well, but I have heard her in various interviews where she referred to him as a manager, so now if you come out and say he was not your manager, but your boyfriend, what sort of image are you creating for yourself?” questioning eShun’s attitude.

One therefore wonders, at what point in time, Stephen plays a managerial role and an ex even after a break-up. This is because regardless of her countless interviews which she has denied, she goes on to introduce him in an official capacity as a manager.

Rex Omar cautioned some managers who do not have an agreement with their female artists and rather be having an affair with them that music is a business and must be handled as such.

As a result, he called on the two to manage the issues well, ruling out the flaring and building up emotions.


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