Raggout Officially Launch G.O.AT Collections

Raggout officially launched the G.O.A.T collection in a grand ceremony yesterday 9th April,2022, which saw in attendance great personalities as they grace the occasion to make it a memorable one.

The G.O.A.T apparel is one of the 5th of Raggout release, which is in two forms “GOAT Raggout” and “You Can’t Copy Respect”.

The G.O.A.T apparel represents greatness, zeal and the force that keeps people going when all odds are against them, best known as “Greatest Of All Time” and the second of it, “You Can’t Copy Respect” is inspired by respect attached to the title Greatest of all time (GOAT), A kind of respect which is earned.

In an exclusive interview with Kwame Apex, CEO of raggout, expressed his excitement about the new collections released and the feedback so far.

“I’m really happy about this and this new release is for the spring season, so far it’s been great and I’m looking forward to releasing other great ones in the coming months”.

He also expressed some challenges with regards to the absurd increase in prices of goods but was determined in making this project great and one of a kind irrespective of the challenges.

Also, Kwame Apex touched on the need of strategic marketing which he is adopting to make this collection successful.

“We have a lot of competitors and putting up strategies to make things successful is what my team and I are working on and so far we are seeing positive results”.

The G.O.A.T raggout is sold at 40 cedis and “You Can’t Copy Respect” goes for 50 cedis.

For bulk purchases and information call 0548941976

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