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Roy X Taylor Set To Release Remix Of “Awomlege” On November 1

Coming off as a surprise from a member of the Nkuboks executive production and the son of high life legend Ebo Taylor, Derow Ekow Taylor known as Roy X Taylor, has announced his intentions to release a remix of “Awomlege”.

Though details of the remake are yet to be made available for public consumption, it is believed that the project will generate or expand his fan base and further establish his status as a musician.

Having a remix of the song created can also make the inspirational jam more accessible to the broader public. And if there is a possible changing of the genre then he is opening up to a brand new market of listeners.

“Awomlege” is a dance originated from the coast and mainly done by the fancy dress group in Saltpond. this song is mainly to introduce the dance to the world at large.

Meanwhile, with production credit given to DDT, Roy X Taylor, switches style as he serves music consumers with this fast-tempo banger for your listening pleasure.

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