S3x Education Should Be Given To Every Young Girl – Miss Harriet Lamptey

Lamptey Harriet winner of Miss United Nations has stated that s3x education should be given to every young girl that appreciates and understands her surroundings.

Speaking in a recent interview on Etv’s GirlVibes hosted by Mercy Bee, she stated that there is no specific age for teaching a growing girl about the concept of s3x.

“There is no specific age for teaching a child especially girl child about s3x because we now live in a world and century where children are no longer children . A girl child must be thought the concept about s3x when she starts to understand and appreciate her surroundings” she stated.

She also added that in order to be able to teach a growing girl child the concept of s3x, you the teacher have to build a trustworthy atmosphere between you and the child so that the child can understand, believe and trust whatever you are telling her is the best.

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