Singer Sandy Hekny Wears 2nd Hand Clothes In Music Video

In a bid to promote the idea of sustainable fashion and upcycling (transforming waste materials or unwanted clothes into something new), singer Sandy Hekny for her first music video of the year of song ENDA decided to make a huge fashion statement by collaborating with fashion designer Ellisha boie to wear special costumes such as transformed and well-customized tie and dye jeans jackets, sequined suit jackets, rubber made jackets and trousers, all made out of 2nd hand or used materials transformed through the process of upcycling.

ENDA is the first single released by the singer off her upcoming EP, which is yet to be titled and date to be announced soon.
ENDA is a self-awareness and empowering song which preaches the need for one to chase after their dreams, live their full potentials, and never give up.
Reception for the song and music video in a very short time has been praised for its creativity, colorful costumes and set design and many have praised the singer for progress as an artist.

Sandy Hekny is a musician and humanitarian with a huge teenage and youth following who have performed at several music festivals and concerts, live TV music shows, embarked on music tours to schools, communities and reached out to thousands of fans through hosting a full house music concert.

Below is the link to watch the video:

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