Speaking About The Dilapidated Dunkwa Basic School May Affect My Position In My Political Party – Assemblyman

One of the oldest basic schools in Ekumfi, Dunkwa Basic School has produced many key personnel within the district. However, it has been in poor condition for over six years, and neither the Ekumfi District Assembly nor the Ekumfi Education Directorate has taken any action to address the issue. This has affected the academic standards of the school, and even the lives of the teachers and students are at risk.

Speaking with Hon. Dennis Yabor, the current assemblyman of Ekumfi Dunkwa, on Naj Media Ghana, which was monitored by KwamenaObrempong, he boldly confirmed that the poor state of the school has been ongoing for over six years. However, his current position in his political party does not permit him to say something or take serious steps about it.

He added that he has struggled harder over the years in his political party, and now that his political party is in power, he expects to enjoy some benefits. Thus, he doesn’t want to say anything about the current state of Dunkwa Basic School that will affect his position. He has decided not to say anything about it either on the phone or in the media.

In a later part of the conversation, Hon. Dennis Yabor admitted that he has not been answering Coastal FM calls whenever they opt to interview him about the school. Moreover, his political party leaders in Ekumfi have informed him to be careful about his statement concerning the school building.

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