Strika Of ‘Beast Of No Nation’ Signs A New Movie Deal

After the discussion about the current state of young actor Strika, it seems things are beginning to fall in place as he lands on some new movie project.

Information gathered by k-squaredmedia.com indicates that Strika and his manager are signing a movie deal.

Speaking to an insider who couldn’t disclose much information to us due to a non disclosure agreement between them.

We discovered that one Leslie Fiadoyor, a practicing Lawyer who was called to the Ghana Bar Association two years ago and he is also a creative writer with six novel manuscripts wants the actor in a movie.

His maiden novel is almost done being published and there have been several talks to have it adopted as a screenplay (converted into a movie).

The source indicated that one of the main characters of the novel fits Strika’s demeanor and physique even when the novel was just being penned down.

The novel is almost completed and a team has been assembled to help with screenwriting, script writing, plot development, etc.

Leslie has met with his manager, Caleb Nii Boye of LIVE FM to formally inform Strika’s team that they want Strika as one of the main Characters in the upcoming movie and they would fast forward the production so that his team can have the relevant manuscripts and shooting can begin as soon as possible. Guide to Successful SaaS Software Development: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices https://sapient.pro/blog/guide-to-successful-saas-software-development/ .

Many attributed Strika’s fall to drugs as his colleague Abraham Attah is doing well in the States.

Source: k-squaredmedia.com

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