Teen Tourism & Hospitality Club Sets Date For Their Grand Launch

Teens Tourism and hospitality club is one of the few organizations seeking to develop young talents through mentorship and coaching and wishes to engage the media, parents, and guardians on the roles of child development and create a conducive environment to fit into the global village.

The official launch of the Teens Tourism and hospitality club will be held at BEMVIC ROYAL EVENT CENTER, Kwabenya opposite the balloon gate, Regimanuel Estate at 4 pm.

The organization which targets teens between the ages of 13 to 17 is one of its kind that seizes the opportunity to develop a new set of generational thinkers into becoming highly respected leaders in society through skill development, mentoring and most importantly training, it is very important for our youth to be equipped and taught to have a positive mentality towards work and guided morals and ethics in society and workplaces and the Tthclub is ready to do just that beginning from the grand launch of the club.

Know more about Tthclub


The vision of Tthclub is to become a dynamic tourism and hospitality club that will contribute to the development of the industry in Ghana.


The club’s mission Is to create awareness through training and coaching students on the diverse career opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality industry. This is to provide adequate information and create the right atmosphere that will help children understand the language of hospitality and tourism.


Also, tthclub has core values in Coaching excellence, lifelong learning, Service, and achievements.

They also assist in study abroad programs and partnerships and also provide support in educational trips, educational seminars, mentoring and coaching not forgetting internship opportunities, tourism and hospitality exchange programs.

Connect with them through these contacts and make reservations at 0552472633 / 0559410930 or email

Everyone is urged to take full advantage of the upcoming launch to assist participants and the organizers to set a positive agenda for their new adventures of bringing change to a certain generation of teens.

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