The Media Certifies The ‘Joseph Matthew Afro-gospel’ Brand

The conversations on whether or not Christians in Africa will accept other sounds and rhythms from the ‘world’ to infiltrate the norm of Gospel music we know and believe in. Reggae, dancehall and Hip hop in one way or the other was accepted into the genre. Since music in itself is dynamic and changes do happen to it from time to time, there was the need to try out more sounds to win more souls for the church.

Afrobeat with regards to genre, which has become the new craze in the world is now fast being infused into the Gospel culture, which is a good move. Some few years back, it was not a tangent to go on as many Christians frowned on it.

Joseph Matthew, the very first Gospel musician who took the bold step to champion this agenda received so many backlashes then because many were those who could not fathom the concept of the new sound. Joseph, who was far ahead of his time, kept on pushing unperturbed because he saw a future in the fusion of Afrobeat and the Gospel of Christ kingdom, to formulate the genre. He was the first Gospel musician who used the term some years ago even before it evolved and gained ground.

Some presenters and pundits who were music geniuses saw the future in the Afro-gospel genre, so they applauded Joseph Matthew, appreciated his craft and loved his brand. Amongst the few are Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky 5) of Hitz 103.9 FM and Dr. Cann of blessed memory, formerly of Happy 98.9 FM endorsed the Joseph Matthew brand.

Check out some videos of presenters and pundits commenting on the Joseph Matthew brand even before the “Afro-gospel” genre became a thing in Ghana and blew all over the continent.

Also, watch Joseph Matthew’s newest song dubbed “Blessings” below.

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