VIDEO: Ghanaian Pastor Shaves Pubic Hair Of Church Members As Direction From God

Ghanaian based pastor, pastor Blinks Mensah leader of End Time Church Of Blinks has shaved pubic hair of female church members as a direction from God in the Bible.

In a video that has gone viral and sighted by wysepromotions.com, the pastor named Prophet 1 was sighted shaving the pubic hair of his female church members on the altar dedicated to the preaching and restoration of God’s children both lost and saved.

According to the pastor, the female church members will remove their panties in front of him because he doesn’t want outsiders to judge his actions wrongly without understanding the spiritual essence.

He added that according to the book of Leviticus which says that “One must keep themselves clean and neat and must always take their bath” which is why he is shaving the pubic hair and will bathe each and every member of the church after the shaving exercise is over.

The pastor further added that he is not happy shaving the pubic hair of elderly women. Talk less of the young ladies but with all this dirt , you will sleep with a man and come back and complain to me that things are not going well with you when it’s all your fault .

The pastor further directed all church members with phones to drop them on the altar because he had seen them taking videos of the entire process and he didn’t want to go viral and be shamed and judged for his barbaric attitude in church .

The self acclaimed pastor was heard hailing insults at an evangelist who he felt was talking about him and his ministry and anybody who will say he is not a real man of God.

Watch videos below :

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