VIDEO: Yawa! Presenter Sacks KiDi From Accra FM

Lynx Entertainment signee KiDi has been disgraced and sacked from the studio’s of Accra FM by host Nana Romeo for his lackadaisical attitude.

Nana Romeo made this decision of walking KiDi out of the studio’s of Accra FM when he arrived 25 minutes late for the second time when all his management team assured Nana Romeo of a smooth show and early appearance.

According to the host of Ayekoo on Accra FM, this attitude from KiDi is not the first and this had made him think that the Lynx Entertainment signee has no regard for the show and he as a presenter.

“I have listened to you on many shows and what you do here you don’t do there. Is it because you don’t have respect for the show or what. You came in late on the first occasion you apologised and promised it won’t ever repeat itself but here you are repeating the same thing. I made sure to speak to your road manager and entire team early on so this lateness will not occur but it did”, Nana Romeo lamented.

“I don’t even understand why I’m being attacked like this. I’m sorry that it seems that I don’t have respect for your show or you in person”, KiDi said in defense.

Will KiDi be welcomed in the Studio’s of Accra Fm again after this unfortunate incident or rather Nana Romeo took things too far with the singer?


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