We Can’t Be In A Room Without Having S3x – Christian Frimpong Tells Naana Blu

Media General’s Onua 95.1 FM entertainment host Christian Frimpong admits to his listeners whiles interviewing the “Things Fall Apart” cover singer Naana Blu that he will not be able to be in the same room with the beautiful songstress without something sexual happening.

Christian Frimpong, the host of the Onua FM entertainment program acknowledged on Thursday 7th July that, “Naana, I am happy that today in the studio, there are people here. Because it would be difficult for me to be in the same room with you alone. No no no, I can’t. If they leave me and you alone in a room, it would worry me. Seriously, it would be difficult for me to let you go without something happening.”

Watch “You Go Miss Me”:

Naana Blu was on the entertainment radio program to promote her new song “You Go Miss Me” which features the rapper, Teephlow.

Naana Blu has songs like ‘Sugar Cane’, ‘No Pressure’, ‘Nam Pa’, ‘Dream Boy’ among others.

Written By: Keira-Terra Baaba Nhyira

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