“When I Die” Movie Premier Slated For September 24

The Producers of the most talked about and most televised television series in Ghana; Ecowas Wives. Is set to release a feature film titled WHEN I DIE (FUNERAL WHISTLE) a movie slated to be premiered on the 24th of September around Kasoa Washing Bay, at the Goil Building.


A conversation with some of the actors of this movie reveled that, the story is created in relation to how we deal with people on a daily basis when they alive, versus how we deal with people when they die.


The producers released a pre artwork prior to the release of the movie trailer which reads ” Do you regard and celebrate me while I’m alive? Or will you care and celebrate me much more “WHEN I DIE” a very deep question that has kept people in suspense and in remorse.


The producers are calling on everybody living in Ghana especially those in Accra and Central Region of the country to comeout so as to witness the main reason why most of our friends and family members don’t care when the should.

Watch movie trailer below.

Some of the stars of this movie are:
Df George, Gabriel Ishmael Jalloh, Pusska Kerina, Sylvia Efua Davis, Bernice Asamoah, Abiela Mardea Dwah, David K. Nutsuakor, Anthonio Adam Ledi, Odell Dorbor and many more others.

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