Winners Of SDGs Legacy Writing Challenge Announced

The Gen writers club was started in March, 2020 at a time when the Covid-19 had affected the Ghanaian economy so badly and had plunged the country into a partial lockdown. Many individuals, especially students at the time were faced with the challenge of dealing with social isolation and boredom.

In order to help bridge this gap. Raphael Okyere, the founder and co-founders Patrick Towers and Ruth Ngombo decided to create a common platform where students could share their opinions and ideas about societal issues that need redressing and improvement in order to effect positive change. The slogan of the wonderful idea was dubbed “Raise your words”. Visit to read and participate in other writing competitions.

In time with this mission, the Gen Writers Club, this year organized the “SDGs Legacy writing challenge” for young writers all across Africa who beautifully expressed their opinions, ideas, and concerns about some of Africa’s pressing issues in the form of poems, essays, spoken word, research, articles among others including arts.

The challenge this year saw immense response from both professional and amateur writers who were eager to raise their words and be heard, through writing. However, after a careful, well thought through process, a few well deserved write-ups and writers came through and was selected as best to the following categories:

Best spoken word category, winners are POLONGA Pyabalo from Togo and Anastasia Nzekwe from Nigeria

Best poet category, winners are Starbriny from Togo and Azeezah Ismail from Nigeria

Best writer category, Rita Bassey Asuqu from Nigeria and Stephen Juma from Kenya

Best Storyteller category, Ngwafu Rose Mary from Cameroon and Harriet Soita Nasimiyu from Kenya

Best Fiction and non fiction category, Pascal Jean Assoumou from Senegal as Best

Fiction writer and Masikholwe Mbenguzana from South Africa as Best non-fiction writer

Most Influential writer category, Maurice Gathu Munga from Kenya and Aidomojie Chukwuka from Nigeria

Best Research category, Soufiane Y. Issa from Chad and Amenyo Mawuenyefia from Ghana

We highly acknowledge these writers not because they are winners of the challenge, but because they are the new generation that thinks innovation and change towards their community. The 100year plan to create imaginative writers and activists just started, join Ge writers club via our website and all social media handles.

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