Bossu Kule Compares Yvonne Nelson’s Story To Real Life “Elizabeth Keen” In Blacklist

After a successful launch of actress Yvonne Nelson’s most talked about “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson”, many has been said with regards to the actress revealing so many private details in the book.

In a post circulating online, renowned talent manager Bossu Kule compared the Yvonne Nelson story to the popular character Elizabeth Keen from the hit show The Blacklist.

Bossu Kule in the post asked the world to not go too hard on Yvonne Nelson, citing her recently released book, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, as a real life Elizabeth Keen story.

In the book, Yvonne Nelson reveals her story of searching for her father for 30 years, despite the odds being stacked against her.

According to Bossu Kule, Yvonne has come to realize that many of the things she was told growing up were lies, including her name and searching for the truth so far hasn’t been easy on her side.

Clearly, Yvonne Nelson needs someone like the Raymond Reddington figure, one who knows all the answers she seeks, to help her find the truth. He added

Yvonne Nelson has been praised by many after the release of the book, whiles others are of a different critical opinion on certain revelations she revealed in the book.


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