I Can’t Vote For The NDC Because I’m Wise – David Osei

Ghanaian award-winning actor and movie producer Prince David Osei has disclosed his stand on politics in Ghana stating that he can’t vote for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ever because he is very wise and sensible.

Prince David Osei while speaking to his colleagues stated that he is sensible and therefore can’t cast his votes for the NDC.

“As for the NDC they’ve done their term, we need to move forward, we need to progress. The prosperity of Ghana lies in the hands of this man. We need to progress, we can’t go back so please I’m indulging you all at home…Me I’m a sensible human being so I can’t support something which is bad. I reason and think logically,” he stated at the rally.

In recent times ahead of the December 7 elections, the present government and his party the National Patriotic Party (NPP) have gotten a lot of endorsement from most celebrities and artistes which is why, the necessary question, is the endorsement for fame or just for the financial benefits?.

One of such new endorsements is from the camp of award-winning actor Prince David Osei who showed up at the virtual political party rally held by the NPP on the 23rd November, 2020.

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