The Church Hasn’t Been Supportive When It Comes To Promotion Of Gospel Music – Doreen Okyere

Ghanaian gospel artiste Doreen Okyere has disclosed the word the “Church ” is another issue that is broad in the promotion of gospel music.

The gospel artiste disclosed this in an interview on Sammy Flex TV hosted by Sammy Flex when asked about the role of the church in the promotion of gospel music.

According to Doreen Okyere the church is another issue in the promotion of gospel music because the rich in the church are using their money to push the church, the ministry and development but when it comes to the promotion of gospel music it’s a different issue.

She added that she has a bitter experience when it comes to the church helping the promotion of gospel music because it’s only one and two in a few that will voice and stand out to support you in the promotion of your music in the church.

Doreen Okyere further disclosed that it’s very unfortunate how some pastors concentrate solely on the preaching they can get people to sing and push them to fame so they can promote the name of the church.

She concluded by advising the churches to speak to people to come together to help the gospel artiste in their churches because when the artiste goes the church also gets its recognition.

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