Using “The Name” By Joseph Matthew To Explore The Essence Easter Celebrations

The Christian Easter celebration is the festival that celebrates the death  and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God Almighty. It is written in Philippians 2:8-9 that, Jesus heeded to his father’s will and died a criminal’s death on the cross. As a result, He has been lifted to the Highest place and His name is lifted above every other name. This gives Christians the bragging rights because they have been redeemed and through Jesus Christ, they have the opportunity to God’s promise of Heaven.

Joseph Matthew through his song, “The Name” expounds how powerful and mighty the name of Jesus Christ is. He explains how God gave his son, Jesus as a sacrificial lamb for our sins to be forgiven. This to the highest reasoning exposes the love God have for us that he gave his son up to be sacrificed for our sins and how Jesus also portrayed great love for us by willingly giving himself up to be killed for our sins.

“The Name” by Joseph Matthew brandishes the degree of power Jesus Christ’s name has as demons tremble at the mere mention of the name. Joseph Matthew shares his joy of feeling the name of Jesus Christ as he sings praises to Him and expresses his trust in Him who would never let go of him.

The song’s blend of Salsa and Jazz will warm your heart to an assertive agreement of the message laid.

Without much ado, I present to you, “The Name” by Joseph Matthew from below. Stream, listen, enjoy and share.

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