VIDEO: Fake Prophets Will Sacrifice Church Members This Year – Prophet Atarah Warns Ghanaians

Founder of Believers Grace Ministry, Prophet Joseph Atarah, during his church’s 31st December 2020 all-night service, dropped a bag full of toe-curling prophecies which involved almost everyone in the country including fellow prophets.

According to Prophet Atarah, the President of the land needs special prayers in order to successfully live through his subsequent 4-year tenure. He also revealed seeing a great storm that caused lightning to strike an electric pole, which in turn caught fire and electrocuted many and burned their houses.

Furthermore, the prophet saw an increase in the spate of violent armed robbery and asked that the Ghana Police Service be extra vigilant since the armed robbers were coming at them with more audacity than usual. The Speaker of Parliament and MPs weren’t left out as he requested for special prayers to be said for them in order to avoid unfortunate incidents befalling them.

Arson seems to be on the agenda as the prophet disclosed that most marketplaces and institutions are going to be burned down as a result of agents deployed to do the bidding of unknown forces. Also, random individuals might be at risk of unprecedented fires in their homes.

Prophet Atarah shockingly revealed how some prominent chiefs had had secret meetings with the agenda of killing people, and that in actual fact he (Prophet Atarah) was their main target but because of the grace of God upon his life, no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper.

Moving on, he gave up his colleague pastors, stating that the fake ones amongst them were going to use their own church members for rituals, and so all churchgoing Christians should pray for their pastors in order that they should not tow such wicked lines.

Football lovers will be particularly disappointed in this next prophecy, as Prophet Atarah requested special prayers be made for the current Black Stars’ coach, who he clearly sees bringing mass disappointment upon Ghanaians. To make matters worse, he said that the chances of the Black Stars shining in the next Afcon are very low.

And because basically everyone is in some form of danger this year, our French-speaking neighbours as well as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have been forewarned by the prophet to especially watch out for tragic plane crashes.

With such a doom-inspiring list of prophecies, 2021 seems set up to give the dreaded 2020 a run for its money.

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