Ekumfi TV Is Under The Influence Of Politicians – Isaac Botchwey

There are videos and pictures of Ekumfi otuam, Immuna and Aboano schools circulating on social media recently about how terrible these communities’ schools have been for the past years. A few days ago these videos and pictures had gone viral on social media, but to the surprise of many the online TV station in Ekumfi known as Ekumfi TV has never shown or highlighted the challenges these schools mentioned above are facing.

Ekumfi Hammond who is the founder and CEO of Ekumfi TV just commented “seen” on the videos and pictures circulating on social media without using his media to visualize the challenges or to draw the attention of the leaders in charge to know how these schools are deteriorating. Asisco Botchwey who is known in real life as Saeed Botchwey questioned Ekumfi Hammond why he does not use his online station to address issues concerning Ekumfi, if so then what is the positive impact of his media on Ekumfi’s development?.

Speaking with Nana-Antobam Junior, Asisco Botwey disclosed that, it is very sad that all the institutions in Ekumfi are under the influence of politicians. Despite all the videos and pictures of the terrible Ekumfi school building circulating on social media, Ekumfi TV has never attempted to show or say something about it.

He added that, if it were to be NDC or NPP meetings, campaigns or other political rallies, Ekumfi Hammond would have quickly cast it on its platform.

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