‘Wee’ Was Banned In The World Because White Ladies Were Using It To Fvck Black Men – Blakk Rasta Reveals

Ghana’s reggae artiste and radio presenter Blakk Rasta has revealed that marijuana was banned all over the world to protect the pharmacuetical companies and also white ladies became horny after smoking it.

Blakk Rasta in an interview listened by wysepromotions.com with Nana Kwame Gyan on No.1 FM explained in details the reasons for the ban of this unique plant.

“Marijuana has many properties of curing lots of sickness and this will put the pharmaceutical companies at risk and out of business because they can’t produce all their drugs to cure illness and also research shows that white ladies who took in the plant became horny and end up in the bed of black men. Due to these reasons, countries all over the world placed a ban on marijuana”, he explained.

Blakk Rasta also added that it was time for the ban to lifted especially in Ghana because Ghana has got rich land to cultivate and harvest the authentic plant that will become the best around the world like our cocoa is rated the best because it comes from rich lands with all the right nutrients.

“Marijuana with it’s numerous benefits can boost an economy very quickly and efficiently that’s why I’m glad that our leaders have finally given listening ears to the legalization of this plant. If the right measures are put in place our economy will change for the better to the surprise of many”, he stated.

Blakk Rasta advised the youth and Ghanaians not to abuse the the legalization of marijuana but rather use this as an eye opener.

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