Charity Begins At Home – The Mystic Twins Reply Rev Abbeam Danso And Apostle Emmanuel Nkum

In reference to a challenge of open display of power, a challenge thrown at the Mystic Twins on GHOne TV REVELATIONS by Rev Abbeam and Apostle Nkum, we want to state that the Bible depicts and emphatically states in 1 Timothy 3:5 — “For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”, because he is deemed unfit to do any of that.

So in all humility and respect we entreat our Rev Abbeam and Apostle Nkum to pay particular attention to Jesus Christ who categorically taught mankind how to remove the plank in your eyes so you can see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother’s eyes.

We believe the pastors can start by challenging themselves to smoke out their colleague pastors who are allegedly tarnishing the kingdom of God by amassing wealth with power from other spirits, claiming it’s the holy spirit. They associate with fake doctrines with the sole purpose of blatant exploitation.

In stating the 5 fold ministry, it is confusing why the ministry of prophecy alone takes 90% of the five in today’s Church! This, we believe is because it’s the part of ministry that can catapult one to fame and riches overnight.

Need I remind them when they said, “we don’t serve God for material gains”; so we ask, how much alone went into your makeup, dressing and outlooks just for a TV show? Certainly not cheap! Even Job who God recommended to the devil, did pray fervently without wavering that God should restore him back to everything he lost.

We pray, we all desist from deceiving the masses with that popular pathetic quote.

The Mystic Twins speak and teach of the spirits that we know and have encountered. How can you that has no knowledge of what we claim or speak about call a challenge on powers you claim are dark and unknown to the light that you worship and or proclaim?

After more than 20 years in the Ministry we like everyone else, expect you to call a challenge and say with your sacred powers of the light you have filled the economy with money and since we claim the spirits we have encountered can do better, we should come and chair the occasion. So sad how we easily call the bluff of others.

Knowledge and wisdom are not and never the same, neither are they classmates.

In retrospective and light of the above, if the divisions in the church and the pastors tarnishing the kingdom of God by exploiting church members and amassing wealth overnight are corrected and structured to do solely the work of God, then we will have no place to say ‘Yesu na aba 3na obiaa 3t)n bi’. May we not be sellers of God but teachers of his mysteries.

Then again, if all these are corrected or rectified in the churches and its structure to solely know how to call the God you know without depending on men to show you who or their perspective of who God is, then they will have a stronger army to come for a power challenge with the Mystic Twins, till then we will stay in our spot and insight, teaching what we believe or are called to do. Peace to all men.


Mystic Twins — McMaine and McKenzie are spiritual seekers and teachers of the Creator’s mysteries. The Mystic Twins believe we are all seeds of God, meant to grow into the likeness of God. Our call is to nourish that seed into man’s spiritual maturity.


The Mystic Twins,

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